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Eight17 Consulting is a strategic business and organizational alignment consulting company focused on process improvement and increasing our client's ROI. We have over 20 years experience in interacting with organizations who recognize needs, understand limitations and most of all, believes a solution is waiting to be uncovered. Sounds like a quick three step process, right? Not exactly. Many times, organizations look within their own teams for solutions but fall short due to outdated policies, antiquated practices and unfortunately, people who believe they know best based off siloed perspectives. 

Eight17 Consulting delivers unbiased, professional experience providing outside-the-box thinking by challenging the status quo and delivering exceptional, highly successful results for organizations who want to excel for both their internal stakeholders and external clients/constituents while driving return on investment.

Our mission is simple. We help organizations find sustainable solutions for positive impacts on stakeholders and improve resource efficiencies while delivering an exceptional standard of service. And, we really love doing it.

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